Our HealthCare

Serve patients to win life using Technology.

The healthcare industry continues to go through a major transformation driven by regulators and consumers alike both demanding improvements in overall service quality, while expecting a reduction in healthcare costs. This change is transforming the traditional models for service delivery, claims processing, contract management, revenue management and regulatory reporting. Providers, insurers or health administrators need to look closely at ways to create greater efficiency and effectiveness of care.

JustAgile has developed core expertise in solutions that allow companies to better understand the needs and demands of their consumer population and make smart decisions on managing a better level of service.

The full range of consulting and technology service delivery includes solutions targeted at:

  • ICD-10 / HIPAA 5010
  • Payer CRM initiatives
  • Electronic health records and exchanges
  • Health information exchanges
  • Real-time Healthcare analytics and business intelligence
  • Digital & mobile strategy, digital presence
  • Consumer Self Service Portals
  • Legacy system modernization
  • Pharmacy solutions
  • Laboratory information management solutions

Facets application CoE for Health Insurance claims processing

JustAgile's Ann Arbor delivery center provides a number of significant benefits in supporting Facets programs:

  • Technology competency in Facets applications.
  • Ability to scale Facets team by augmenting the current competencies with resources from the US midwest and east coast insurance companies.
  • Sustainable workforce development through ongoing training and career management.
  • Operations excellence in service delivery and service management at our delivery center.

Information management solutions for Healthcare

One of the key challenges faced by the Healthcare industry today is integrating the myriad systems, processes, information and regulations to achieve a holistic view of a patient’s health management requirements. JustAgile has developed core expertise in Information Management that allow Healthcare companies to better understand the needs and demands of their patient population and make smart decisions on managing a better level of care.

  • Rapid deployment framework for consolidating patient, medical and pharmacy data.
  • Proactive care and fraud detection for more efficient health administration.
  • Methodology for creating a common foundation for Analytics.
  • Data models for the development of a common EDW and ODS.
  • Implementation of a appropriate reporting and BI governance models.

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