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Play game to win , not to loose others.

Now that consumers are ‘digitally empowered’, with a multitude of shopping choices that allow them to shop anytime, access the most current pricing data, and get immediate feedback on products, how can retailers compete to capture their attention at the moment of truth, influence their purchase decision and convert them into loyal customers?

In this environment, JustAgile omni-channel retail solutions help brick and mortar retailers seamlessly bridge their online and in-store presence and bring e-tail brands to life. We deliver solutions that build top line growth and bottom line margin. We enrich the shopping experience ranging from the first touch point in acquiring a new customer, to adding value online and throughout the store, to developing rewarding ongoing relationships that increase customer lifetime value. We help customers compete and win in the new retail world.

JustAgile offers the following solutions to shape the future of smarter retailing

Acquire new customers and build relationships that increase customer lifetime value. This includes Mobile Apps/e-commerce, SEO/SEM, price comparisons and price management, CRM & loyalty programs and promotion planning and execution.

Create new ways to match the right product with the right customer at the right time. This includes category planning, allocation & optimization,dynamic pricing & price optimization, product recommendations, competitive price & ad matching, vendor & co-op promotion management.

Deliver an experience that delights consumers, empowers employees & drives profitability. This includes store to door fulfillment, in-store customer service & support, digital store signage / display, labor management & planning, comparison shopping, and price & ad matching.

Provide customers with a unified online & offline shopping experience. This includes consolidated virtual inventory visibility, omni-channel fulfillment including in-store options, mobile & e-commerce applications, cross-channel consolidated customer order management, online interactive customer service & support and master data management.

Gain visibility and efficiency from the last mile to the store aisle. This includes support for demand forecasting, vendor management, inventory management, depot management and transportation management.

Turn real-time information into insight that creates a powerful competitive advantage. This includes cross-channel promotion performance, customer behavior & loyalty, customer segment contribution & CLV, social value & monetization and loss prevention.

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